With the Democratic and Republican primaries coming up Tuesday, T&D Region voters should be aware they can only vote in one of the party primaries.

And while officials with both parties want voters to participate in their primary, Orangeburg County Democratic Party Chairman Kenny Glover says it’s important for everyone to be engaged.

"I would encourage everyone to exercise their constitutional right to vote," Glover said.


Orangeburg County Director of Voter Registration and Elections Aurora Smalls says when voters go to the polls Tuesday, they will be asked by poll workers what primary they would like to vote in.

The poll worker will then help the voter cast a ballot in the proper primary.

If a runoff is required on June 26, voters will only be allowed to participate in the runoff of the party they voted with on Tuesday.

"If they only have a runoff for a Republican, they can't vote if they voted Democrat the first time," Smalls said.


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